Jetcol® HTR (Coldenhove)
Dye Sub


Five different variations (HTR1000, HTR2000, HTR3000, HTR3500, HTR4000)

  • HTR1000: This Heat Transfer paper is designed to facilitate cost optimization in practiced organizations.  This digital sublimation transfer paper combines an ultra light weight with the properties of the Jetcol product range and allows 240% ink coverage.
  • HTR2000: This Heat Transfer paper is the standard base paper for digital sublimation transfer printing.  The 70 GSM paper is specifically designed for inkjet printing with disperse dyestuffs.  Jetcol HTR 2000 offers unsurpassed transfer yield and enables fine detailed printing.
  • HTR3000: This Heat Transfer Paper is specifically designed to be an all around sublimation transfer paper.  The main features of this 95 GSM paper are easy handling and excellent performance.
  • HTR3500: was developed to solve a quality challenge, a regular occurrence in the dye sublimation industry and known under various names; “rivering”, “arching”, “treeing”.
  • HTR4000: This Heat Transfer paper is designed for high coverage applications.  With this sublimation transfer paper you will be able to print and transfer very deep colors with a maximum transfer yield.



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